What’s it like to work at YouthNet?

How would we describe the typical YouthNet employee? The truth is there isn’t one. We are a diverse and inclusive bunch who thrive in a dynamic and creative environment and we welcome difference. We are passionate about our mission and work hard to help YouthNet achieve its aims, but not afraid to down tools and have fun, for example at our regular ‘wine club’ social sessions.

YouthNet’s working environment is lively and informal. We value innovation, commitment and delivery and encourage a good work/life balance.

After we won Best Charity to Work For in the 2008 Charity Times Awards, we were approached by The Beyond Partnership, who wanted to find out the source of our success.  They were given the run of our offices and the freedom to speak to staff, ultimately in a report entitled ‘Success through Alignment’.

We have picked out a couple of paragraphs from the report below, but feel free to download the full version.  We hope that it gives you a better understanding about what’s special about working at YouthNet – and inspires you to join our team as a staff member or volunteer.

“…they consciously and purposefully endeavour to do the same inside the organisation as outside, i.e. to engage, inform, inspire and encourage people to take action and achieve their goals and dreams.  These fine words, which you could hear in many organisations, are not just aspirations at YouthNet… We have rarely come across an organisation or part of an organisation where what they do and how they do it matches so closely their values, beliefs, purpose and vision.”

“Communication and openness is of essence… [YouthNet has] regular quarterly meetings bringing all staff together.  Office-wide emails keep people informed about developments.  Whenever a new person joins everyone knows about it.  A phrase we frequently heard was ‘We are all in this together’, highlighting the sense of collaboration and responsibility for self and others that is engendered – the organisation is hierarchical, but not autocratic.

Other descriptions we frequently heard were, ‘hard working yet chilled’, ‘a can do attitude’, ‘passionate’, ‘optimistic’, ‘outcome focussed and target driven’, ‘no passengers’ (yet still relational). This is a ‘yes culture’, ‘a no blame culture’.  However you say it, the culture, which can be described as ‘the way things get done’, creates a buzz, a creative engagement and a willingness in staff to take risks and personal responsibility.”

Download the full report: YouthNet – Success through Alignment

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