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YouthNet’s research focuses on issues affecting young people and volunteers, from self-harming to sexual health, to reasons for volunteering and unemployment.

Our strong research and evaluation approach is part of our commitment to ensuring that we have a unique insight in to the views and opinions of young people and volunteers; listening to what they say and putting them at the heart of our services.

You can see our latest research projects via the links below:

Connecting the dots: The role of digital in supporting young people into employment (current)

Hidden Homelessness in Young People (Nov 2013)

How young people use mobile phones to seek help (May 2013)

The role of online and online peer support for young people who self-harm
(Nov 2012)

Alcohol and sex: Young people’s attitudes and behaviours (Mar 2012)

How young people look for information online (June 2011)

Fear and hoping in the UK: young people’s fears and hopes for their future, covering work, education, housing, family affairs and global issues (Sept 2011)

Known for our pioneering approach to impact measurement, part of our research work also consists of supporting other charities to develop and implement evaluation of their services. For a number of years our qualified Research Team has also carried out large scale research projects for high profile clients such as the Department of Health, Camelot, The Citi Foundation, Barclays, HBOS and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

They find real value in the insights we provide because:

  • Our online presence provides a cost effective way to involve thousands of young people and volunteers from diverse backgrounds;
  • We have extensive in-house skills at communicating with young people;
  • Through, we involve a group of online young volunteers in developing and shaping the language and the questions we ask through our research, to ensure its youth friendly and relevant to them;
  • We have access to extensive data gathered through’s discussion forums and a unique question and answer service, askTheSite. This allows us to keep abreast of issues affecting young people ‘now’ and adds considerable value to any organisation looking for insights into young people’s lives;
  • We have expertise and experience in supporting young people and volunteers;
  • As an online charity, YouthNet is pioneering different online and innovative solutions to engage people; in our experience the ability of young people to keep their identity hidden from other participants encourages them to be more open and honest than in an offline research environment.

Our research methods

In our research we adopt a variety of research methodologies to ensure data is robust and the most suitable combination of methodologies is used according to topic area and audience. This includes surveys, focus groups, interviews, workshops, text analysis of our discussion boards and questions, structured online discussions, case studies and analysis of our online traffic.

We implement a strict self-guarding policy to ensure young research participants have the right emotional support..

Our research

See details of our research.

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