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Friday 17th February 2012

Last weekend a group of current volunteers, new volunteers and staff joined together at YouthNet HQ for the first TheSite Support Workshop.  The aim of the day was to start to develop Step Finder: a new service on the to help overcome barriers to getting support.

The aim of the workshop

Step Finder consists of personal stories written by young people, discussions and other content where anyone can talk about the issues they’ve experienced getting the support they need whether from friends or experts.

It is still in the early stages and the support workshop gave us the chance to hear each other’s ideas and to start creating new content that’s engaging.

Step Finder covers a really broad range of situations.  For the workshop, we concentrated on two common barriers:

  • Visiting your GP which can involve practical barriers like travel, and  emotional barriers like talking about an issue and confidentially.
  • Having difficult conversations is something many people find hard to do, whether it’s with a parent, friend or teacher.

The day was split into two main activities, accompanied by some ice breakers and energisers which all included a certain purple octopus.  The morning activity gave attendees the chance to understand how personal stories can support others. Each group got the opportunity to read a personal story and identify the barriers the writer faced.

The second activity gave the young volunteers the opportunity to get creative and produce their own content on one of the chosen themes (with assistance from YouthNet’s Multimedia Producer, Chris – thanks Chris).

The content created on the day is really impressive and can now be seen on Step Finder.  Click on the pictures below to see each piece in full:

Content we created for the Visiting your GP theme:

Phoning the doctors





Self harm and getting help





Content we created for the “Having difficult conversations” theme:

Talking to Mum and Dad about bullying





Talking to Mum





Through creating content like this, Step Finder offers young people a chance to explore the barriers that might be holding them back. Importantly it brings together solutions, tips, ideas and suggestions of ways they can overcome these from both professionals and their peers.

This is just the beginning, and we will be supporting our young volunteers to develop more creative and supportive content for their peers in the future.  We are really excited about all the pieces of content that were produced on the day, and look forward to seeing more.

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  1. Photo of Radhika says:

    Great day! Really enjoyed taking part and loved being creative.

    Thanks Chris for helping put ideas into something tangible. I learnt so much and can’t wait to make more content.


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