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As YouthNet runs Do-it, is a proud holder of the Investing in Volunteers kite mark and is reliant on our own volunteers it’s not surprising that we offer staff volunteering leave.

My colleague Laura and I took advantage of this on Wednesday to go and help out with the Great Ormond Street and Radio Lollipop‘s Rockin’ Reindeer Christmas parties. Usually we volunteer for Radio Lollipop in Great Ormond Street on a Wednesday evening. We spend two hours after work each week visiting and playing with children on the wards, while other volunteers run a radio show. The children can request songs and enter competitions on different themes each week.

At Christmas, there’s lots more than usual going on. A couple of Saturdays before, we both helped out at a Tin Pan Annie concert (fundraising for Radio Lollipop) where we dressed up as a snowflake and a reindeer, waved at and danced with kids during songs – then shook buckets at the end.

The Rockin’ Reindeer Christmas parties were held over two days, two on Wednesday and two on Thursday, each for an hour and a half. We were both helping on Wednesday afternoon and we spent the parties running a craft table where children who were at the hospital at the moment, or had been in 2011, could do some sticking, gluing, colouring and, in this picture, making reindeer out of playdough. We also did some celeb spotting, spying the Weasley twins, Tess Daley, the Radio 1 crew, a Santa Claus who sounded suspiciously like Boris Johnson and a number of stormtroopers (do they count as celebs!).

For Christmas volunteering opportunities, check out our article on Christmas volunteering. But of course, volunteering isn’t just for Christmas – so if you’re interested in volunteering in 2012, you know where to go to find an opportunity to suit you – Do-it.

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Clare Foster

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Clare is Advice and Training Manager. One of her main roles is to train and support volunteers and charity partners to provide expert answers through askTheSite. She is also involved in creating accreditation opportunities with OCNLR, bringing e learning to YouthNet and improving the quality and scope of the support services we offer. She blogs personally about mental health, relationships and young people here. Prior to YouthNet, she worked as an advisor for Connexions Direct, taught environmental philosophy part time and spent ten months in Tanzania and Kenya, developing sex education and life skills with young people there.
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