White paper on giving announces funding for Do-it

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Monday 23rd May 2011

The Government has announced their White Paper on Giving today, setting out new policies for charitable giving and confirming over £1m of funding for YouthNet’s volunteering database Do-it. The funding will be provided by the Cabinet Office, the Department of Work and Pensions, and the Department of Health over the next two years.

The investment is to ensure that Do-it continues to meet the evolving needs of those wishing to volunteer, as well as opening up access on even more websites and social media platforms. Do-it has always collaborated with a wide range of partners and organisations and will use the funding to open up the database further, hosting the widest choice of volunteering opportunities and enabling individuals to find these more easily across different sites.

YouthNet CEO, Emma Thomas said: “Volunteers play a key role in many UK, national and grass-root organisations and during the continued uncertain financial climate these resources are particularly vital, so it’s great that the potential Do-it has to drive local giving has been recognised through committed government funding.

Do-it makes it easy for existing and a new generation of volunteers to get involved in giving time and, with the continued support we will receive, we will be able to reach out to more potential volunteers by making our online database even more available. This will provide people with more choice and flexibility about how and when they can give their time.”

YouthNet launched Do-it in 2001 and it now hosts around 1 million opportunities to volunteer.

About Do-it

  • Do-it is run by YouthNet and is the UK’s leading volunteering website, home to around 1 million volunteering opportunities.
  • Do-it attracts more than 130,000 unique visitors per month.
  • In March 2011, 1.8 million searches were conducted on Do-it (over 60,000 a day), and Do-it handled more than 62,000 applications for opportunities (that’s one every 44 seconds).
  • YouthNet provides Do-it syndication feeds to other organisations, allowing people who visit their website to find local, relevant opportunities.
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