Blogging about blogging

Photo of Patrick Daniels
Friday 6th February 2009

When YouthNet took a leap of faith all those years ago and headed out on the bloggers’ journey, we had no idea where it would take us. We knew where we didn’t want to go and our Public Relations Manager certainly knew where they didn’t want it to go. We knew we didn’t want it to be top down or just about marketing a brand.

Over the years different members of staff have taken the opportunity to shout about their own personal bugbears and argue a point of view. Others have used it to debate the topical and we really appreciate the contribution of all those who’ve commented and joined in the discussion.

Now it’s time for a rethink. Today together with YouthNetters with talk and the blog, so in a way it’s only appropriate to blog about the talk. Watch out this space for new bloggers and more discussion! As they say on Twitter – thanks for the follow.